April Fool’s Day at SUNCAT!

Today, 1st April, is of course April Fool’s Day. This is the perfect opportunity to share with you some weird and wonderful titles on the subject of fools, humour and jokes. This is not an April Fool – these titles really are in SUNCAT!

Image of a giant cat sitting on top of a library buidling with the words 'Teh Liberry - I Rulez It'

April Fool’s from Kennedy Library. The Robert E. Kennedy Library at California Polytechnic State University, 2010. Available under CC Attribution-Non Commerical 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/)

  • The Granta : a college joke to cure the dumps.
  • Monkeyshines on you! : the original monkeyshines joke book.
  • The Laughter prescription newsletter. (Laughter prescription, because humor is healing.)
  • Fool Time prospectus.
  • Sportophyte : a British journal of botanical humour.
  • The cabinet of life, wit and humour.
  • The Golden Halfpenny : A budget of humour, fact and fiction.
  • Stitches : the journal of medical humour.

  • Weekly comedy; or, The humour of the coffee house.
  • Tales from the Broken Drum : the Octarine, Science Fiction & Fantasy Humour Appreciation Society fanzine.
  • Sage and Onions : An illustrated weekly journal of humour and satire.
  • The circle of humour; or, comic gleanings, descriptive of life, character and manners.
  • Yorick. A Journal of wit, humour, and satire. no. 1. Quarterly.
  • Snacks : A journal of humour, romance, comic cuts, and answers on everything.
  • The Foolish Book. A magazine of wit and humour. nos. 1-18. June 1903-Nov. 1904.
  • The Ferret, or South Wales Ratepayer : A journal of humour and criticism on subjects municipal, political and literary.
  • The Knight Errant. (An independent journal of Irish Wit and Humour, etc.) vol. 1, 2 and no. 49-55 of vol. 3.
  • “The Galatea Gazette”. Being an attempt to tuck a few strands of interest, parcelled with strips of humour and served by C.T. Dean. Vol.1 (Sept.1935/1936)-.
  • Arliss’s funny library, of wit, satire, and humour; containing, facetiæ, under the heads of pasquinades, anecdotes, jeu d’esprits, witticisms, mornings at w reet, new punning songs, broad grins, maxims, Irish bulls, conundrums, anagrams, enigmas, bon mots, whims, tid bits, curious epitaphs, brevities, yarns, miseries, long bows, puzzles, &c. &c. Embellished with forty-eight humorous wood engravings, by the most eminent artists.
  • The Odd Fellow’s Magazine, Thespian Journal, and Monthly Novelist: Being a vehicle of genuine humour, inoffensive wit, and rational entertainment: consisting of interesting extracts from popular, scarce, and expensive works; the whole enriched with valuable original pieces, written expressly for the work. Embellished with interesting engravings.
  • Anti depressant.
  • The Bottle, and what comes out of it.
  • Off-White Lies.
  • Nobody’s baby : a Christmas fancy for maids, wives & widows, young husbands & very old bachelors.
  • The clown of London.
  • Waterlog : the magazine for the absolute angler.
  • The purple cow.
  • The Joyful noiseletter.
  • The Fool / by Thomas Brainless, Esq. L.L.D. jester to His Majesty the public.

For more weird and wonderful titles and serials on humour take a look in SUNCAT.


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