April Fool’s Day at SUNCAT!

Today, 1st April, is of course April Fool’s Day. This is the perfect opportunity to share with you some weird and wonderful titles on the subject of fools, humour and jokes. This is not an April Fool – these titles really are in SUNCAT!

Image of a giant cat sitting on top of a library buidling with the words 'Teh Liberry - I Rulez It'

April Fool’s from Kennedy Library. The Robert E. Kennedy Library at California Polytechnic State University, 2010. Available under CC Attribution-Non Commerical 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/)

  • The Granta : a college joke to cure the dumps.
  • Monkeyshines on you! : the original monkeyshines joke book.
  • The Laughter prescription newsletter. (Laughter prescription, because humor is healing.)
  • Fool Time prospectus.
  • Sportophyte : a British journal of botanical humour.
  • The cabinet of life, wit and humour.
  • The Golden Halfpenny : A budget of humour, fact and fiction.
  • Stitches : the journal of medical humour.

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National Tell a Joke Day

Today (16th August) is National Tell a Joke Day. In celebration of this, as well as of the many comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, and the fact that it is Friday, we have searched SUNCAT for weird and wonderful titles on the theme of jokes, laughter, comedy and humour. As you can see there are plenty that are as funny and weird as their subject!

  • 1 awesome joke list.
  • The Curious live joke book.
  • A devil of a joke book.
  • The Granta : “a college joke to cure the dumps”.
  • The Laughter prescription newsletter.
  • Monkeyshines on you! : the original monkeyshines joke book.
  • Rodney and Cathy’s joke list.
  • Jokemaster.
  • The Humours of a coffee-house: A comedy. As it is dayly acted by …
  • “Just for laughs.”
  • Mustard : the comedy magazine.
  • Squib : the magazine of comedy allsorts.
  • The weekly comedy, or, The humours of the age : as daily acted in town and country.
  • The Journal of laughter in teaching/training : JOLT.
  • Joy : the love and laughter weekly.
  • Salome dear, NOT in the fridge! Parodies … misleading advice for foreigners, all from the ’New Statesman’ competitions 1955-1967, chosen for their brilliance, hilarity, originality, elegance and wit by Arthur Marshall. (Second impression).
  • Annual gleanings of wit and humour. By a celebrated wit of the age.
  • Blighty : a budget of humour from home.
  • The comick magazine; or, Compleat library of mirth, humour, wit, gaiety, and entertainment. By the greatest wits of all ages & nations. Enriched with Hogarth’s celebrated … prints.
  • The cabinet of life, wit and humour.
  • European Journal of Humour Research.
  • Foundling hospital for wit : intended for the reception and preservation of such brats of wit and humour whose parents choose to drop them.
  • Jonah : journal of new abstract humour.
  • Miscellaneous less blabla and more humor.
  • Sage and Onions : An illustrated weekly journal of humour and satire.
  • Snacks : A journal of humour, romance, comic cuts, and answers on everything.
  • Stitches : the journal of medical humour.
  • Tales from the Broken Drum : the Octarine, Science Fiction & Fantasy Humour Appreciation Society fanzine.
  • UNIVERSITY College Hospital gazette, Southampton : : a monthly magazine of humour, verse and interest by the patients and staff.
  • The Whimsical repository, or General receptacle Of wit, humour & entertainment; containing … for the year …
  • Yorick. A Journal of wit, humour, and satire. no. 1. Quarterly.
  • The cat’s pajamas humorzine.
  • The lame humor list.
  • Pep : a quickfire mag of ideas and humor.
  • Going bonkers? : the self-help magazine with a sense of humor.
  • WHIMSY : proceedings of the … WHIM Conference.
  • World Humor and Irony Membership serial yearbook : (WHIMSY).

For more titles on comedy and other weird and wonderful serials have a look in SUNCAT.