Postcards from the Router



An exciting feature of the Jisc Publications Router is the built-in notification system.

As the Router is able to parse publisher data to identify an author’s home institution it can then identify the institutional repository or repositories the output should be deposited in. The postcard notification system will provide anyone who registers with daily updates on new content for repositories they select to track.

Access to the postcard notification system requires a My EDINA account. Once registered you can look up the repository or repositories you’d like to receive notifications for and choose the format for them to appear in:

postcard reg

Sign up for the Router’s postcard notification system at the following URL:

It is possible to view content already held in the router using the institutional or target repository browse features. Postcards will notify you of any new content added in the future.

Repository managers can use the postcard system to see what content is being provided to the Router for their institution. It is then possible to harvest open access content from the Router or sign up to receive a feed directly into the repository. Transferred content can be added at any stage of the repository workflow; to a specific user profile or the review file as well as the live archive.

For more information about the Jisc Publications Router contact the EDINA Helpdesk at

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