New skin for the old Router


As discussed in our previous post the Jisc Publications Router has had a long and interesting history as a project. Now, as it moves into a new life as a beta service, the team have been working to spruce things up.

All existing features are still available; documentation for suppliers and consumers can be viewed and users can still browse all content by organisation or repository. The browse views have been tidied up and the citations are now significantly clearer:

citationRepository managers can sign up the for the postcard notification service and the stats wheel (shown below) displaying a visualisation of the data is still as mesmerising and clickable as ever.



The service the Router provides remains the same regardless of how it looks. The Router parses the metadata of an article to determine the appropriate target repositories and transfers the publication to the registered repositories. It minimises efforts on behalf of potential depositors while maximising distribution and exposure of research outputs.

For more information about interacting with the Publications Router please contact the Edina Helpdesk or email

See also: update from Jisc on their plans for OA services including support for the Router.

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