Day 4 of Will’s World Hack

The weekend has arrived and we are looking forward to an increased level of activity during this typical hack time. Will’s World is nearing the halfway mark but there is still plenty time left to build some wonderful and creative hacks. There is also plenty time left to join the hack. Like our latest participant who registered today, you too may have a good idea for a hack that you would like to explore with our team of hackers. Registration is still open. You will even get a goodie bag to support your efforts, which includes this great Will’s World Hack mug which is already put to good use by Owen:

More behind the scene photos of Will’s World Hack can be see on pinterest.

Additional data and information on how to use the Registry were made available today.

The metadata has been reloaded, with significant improvements:

  • Values for more fields, including missing titles and descriptions, dc:type and the attribution fields ww:credit, dc:creator, dc:contributor, dc:publisher.
  • Consistent values for dc:source and ww:credit; supporting the retrieval of results by collection (faceting).
  • Persistent record dc:identifiers, supporting reliable referencing even as records are updated.

The interface to Solr has also been improved with the following features:

  • Easier, more reliable searching with simpler URLs.
  • Better results through more general phrase searching.
  • Faceting on type and attribution fields.

The recording for today’s check-in session on Google+ Hangouts summarising these developments is now available to view on YouTube and Google+:

Click here to view the embedded video.

We looking forward hearing more about this weekend hack efforts in tomorrow’s check-in session on Google+, and as usual we will post a summary here.


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