Day Five of Will’s World Online Hack

Will’s World Online Hack is now in full swing and our daily check-in session today on Google+ Hangout generated some interesting discussion around the various versions of XML for the plays, those provided by Will’s World, those from Perseus and the latest offering from the Folger Library which includes a lot more details, but also linked data, identifiers, keywords, interative apps and geo-location. It is well worth viewing if you missed it earlier today. It is also available on YouTube and Google+.

Click here to view the embedded video.

The weekend seems to have been productive for Will’s World Online Hackers:

  • Victor is developing an exciting idea for an interactive app on which locations mentioned in Shakespeare’s work could be located on a map, like Google map. The app could let you know what Shakespeare’s landmarks are close to your current location and provide information, background data, etc. It could even warned you when you are near a place of interest.
  • Jeffrey is making good progress and has been looking at how to present the data, how words are used and how to provide keywords.
  • Richard’s hack is also going well and he is now working provided linked data for the characters of the plays. Unfortunately, dbpedia only has URLs for 93 out of the 1000 plus characters.

All of them are looking for some help:

  • Victor would like to hear from developer willing to help with the coding. Will’s World suggested Unlock to help scraping location from the text.
  • Jeffrey is looking for input from the academic/literature side!
  • Richard is searching for suggestion for alternative sources of identifiers.

And we know Owen is still open to collaboration on his hack, and looking for some help with WordPress and Moodle. Check our current hack page and get in touch if you can help. Your involvement will be most welcome!

My hack collaborator has been of limited help… More on pinterest!


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