Will’s World guest post for myShakespeare blog

This week we have been continuing to gather feedback on our proposed Will’s World Hack event and begin the process of planning the event based on that feedback. Whilst we work on the Hack event we are also trying to get word out about the project and the event so if you think we’ve missed out a crucial website, mailing list, discussion space, etc. please do let us know.  As we have been reaching out we were delighted to have the opportunity to create a guest post for the myShakespeare blog this week.

The myShakespeare is the digital home of the World Shakespeare Festival, part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad led by the lovely people at the Royal Shakespeare Company. They have a lovely video explaining what they are about which also highlights the reasons Shakespeare’s work is still so alive in 2012:

Click here to view the embedded video.

We think that’s a great wee take on Shakespeare – perhaps it’s even triggering a few creative ideas for the hack event?

Look out for a new update shortly with our feedback from the survey and more news on the hack. In the meantime we are still interested in hearing your views on what would make a fantastic online Shakespeare Hack event – leave us a comment here or fill in our survey: https://www.survey.ed.ac.uk/willsworldhack/