New Features!

Hi folks, we’ve added 2 new features to the service.

(NOTE: These enhancements can ONLY be done by the primary contact (i.e. the teacher who originally signed up) at the school who has the ‘PIN’ code.)

Firstly you now have the ability to customise the banner at the top of your screen, so you can personalise your version of the service.

Secondly, you can also turn ‘on’ and ‘off’ the ‘Saved maps’ functionality. ┬áSome teachers may have concerns about pupils being able to see each other maps so we have now put it at the discretion of you as teachers.



Simply click the drop down menu on the top right of the screen, enter your PIN and then you can change the sub-header to the name of your school and turn ‘on’ or ‘off’ the ‘Saved Maps’ section.


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