NEA course and assessment

HI folks, I just wanted to share a link to some of the Geographical Association courses they are running over the next few months especially those that are related to the NEA.

We’ve been hearing whispers of discontent from teachers over the perceived difficultly in obtaining the higher marks in the NEA.  Many teachers are still unclear as to how the NEA is assessed by the exam boards with many teachers claiming that after external assessment their marks are being reduced and in some cases significantly.

We’d like to give ourselves a little pat on the back here as Digimap for Schools is fantastic for the data analysis and data presentation elements of the NEA.  Pupils can customise their maps with photo’s, graphs, text and secondary data to ensure they fulfil these elements of the NEA.  Even better is that its really user friendly and quick for students to do so!


Here’s a few examples of presenting data for NEA.


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