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Image of the first COBWEB newsletter released July 2014

Earlier this summer we were delighted to release our first COBWEB: Citizen Observatory Web newsletter. Our first issue included updates on the COBWEB’s recent work with schools, an update on our new co-design projects with community groups around the Dyfi Biosphere, as well as the latest updates and events attended by the team. 

You can view the newsletter online or you can subscribe to receive future COBWEB newsletters by email.

We are very happy for anyone to sign up for our newsletter – whether based in one of the UNESCO Biospheres in Wales, Greece of Germany or not. We would also welcome your feedback on this first newsletter – what would you like to see more of (or less of)? Are their particular aspects of the project you would like to see highlighted in the newsletter or hear on the website? Do let us know by emailing us:



Tuesday, September 9, 2014 – 13:30

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