Announcing New Member Services From The Keepers Registry

We have been working on a new release of the Keepers Registry. This includes a range of new Member Services such as a Title List Comparison facility and Linking Options for third party websites.  This new release also supports Persistent URLs for bookmarking and sharing specific records.

Forthcoming Members Services

  • Title List Comparison. This facility helps a library discover the archival status of a list of serials:  identifying those that are being ingested for preservation and those which are still “at risk”.
  • Linking Options. These enable other service providers who may wish to report Keepers Registry information within the interface of their own website. Currently we have two options:
    1. A machine to machine interface using SRU or Z39.50.
    2. An OpenURL resolver to support prospective linking.

Sign Up

To sign up for early access to our Member Services and to help test our new features, please complete the form below.

Further Information

Further information about the Member Services is as follows:

Title List Comparison

This has a simple 5 step process:

  1. The library prepares a CSV file (or spreadsheet) that lists an ISSN for each serial of interest. This file is typically exported from a library’s link resolver or OPAC.
  2. The CSV file is uploaded to the Title List Comparison service.
  3. Each of the serial titles listed in the CSV file is cross-checked against metadata from selected Keeper agencies. The comparison uses the ISSN-L, the linking ISSN that acts as a common identifier between electronic and print ISSNs.
  4. A composite file is produced that includes the data initially uploaded plus information on what is preserved and what is not.
  5. You will be sent an email with a download link for this composite file, plus summary statistics from the comparison:
    • Percentage (%) and number of titles that are ingested and archived by 3 or more Keepers
    • Percentage (%) and number of titles for which there is “no known preservation taking place”, therefore are at risk of loss.

Linking Options

The M2M interface does not make available bibliographic information from the ISSN Register. If you need access to bibliographic information, please refer to the ISSN Portal (



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