Day Six of the Will’s World Hack

Today we reach Day Six of the Will’s World Hack and we are thrilled with the progress everyone has been making! Three new hacks have been added to the Current Hacks page on the wiki – see the Hack Updates section of this post for more information on each of these.
At 1pm (GMT) today we had our daily check in on Google+ with the video now up on YouTube. We covered updates and a wee chat about the presentation/final session today. View the full video here:

During the check in Neil reported on a notable data update that had been taking place over the weekend: The UK Web Archive data is now live on the registry! This is data on websites which have been archived by the British Library so a really interesting addition to the data set.
We also heard from you reporting back progress on your hacks:
  • Owen Stephens has written another blogpost on his hack – he’s now fixed some of the WordPress issues and has prototype character pages up to look at. He has also created chracter pages combining perfomance information with character information, e.g. Much Ado About Nothing’s Beatrice.
  • Kate Ho is currently working on two hacks: one will create a visualisation around the popularity of Shakespeare quotations; the other will be a “second screen” app for viewing Shakespeare productions. She would love to hear from anyone with deep knowledge of one of the plays. More information on the Current Hacks page.
  • Richard Light had been working on Linked Data versions of Shakespeare and has specialised in on characters. Each Shakespeare character now has their own unique URL (in the form: name_abbreviated play name) – with data pulled in from DBpedia and the Library of Congress – and links to lines spoken by them. More on the wiki – including access to those URLs.
  • Richard Wincewicz is currently working on a timeline of Shakespeare events – this is proving challenging as there are so many items to potentially include so he’s been splitting it up into 50year time periods. More information on the wiki.
To view the full discussion from the session – including in depth discussion of search facets on the registry and sources of data on summaries of Shakespeare (the RSC World Shakespeare Festival surtitles have been recommended for Kate’s hack for instance) – take a look at the video.
Our next check in is due to take place at 1pm tomorrow. This is our last scheduled check in before the final day of presentations, judging and prizes. However we are happy to provide more times/flexibility for check ins if they would be helpful – just let us know the time and space (Google+, Skype, IRC etc) you’d prefer and we should be able to help.
In order to ensure your hack is considered for the prizes when our judges step in on Wednesday please make sure that you have registered your hack with us. You can add it to the Current Hack page and/or fill in this Google form. You may also want to read about our prizes and rules.
And finally…
There is still time to enter our photo contest. We have a prize for the very best image of your workspace for Will’s World. To enter you just need to send or tweet us your image and we’ll add it to our Pinterest board. Muriel, our esteemed project manager, has provided a lovely image of her weekend workspace that has, we think you’ll agree, raised the bar a wee bit:

But there is still time to add your own images! It might be your computer set up, an image of your Will’s World goodie bag being enjoyed – like this one from Owen – or, like Muriel, your ruff, cat or other diverting workspace entertainments. Browse the competition so far on our Your #willhack Spaces on Pinterest. Then send us your pictures!


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