JISC MediaHub Embeddable Search Widget – Coming to your website soon!

We are very pleased to announce a brand new embeddable JISC MediaHub Search Widget!

The widget lets you add a search box for the JISC MediaHub service to any website you wish. Which means you could include the search box  on your website, blog, on your institutional portal or VLE, etc.

What does it look like? 

It looks like the search box shown in the top right-hand corner of JISC MediaHub. There are two styles of widget: one has a white background (like JISC MediaHub itself), the other has a black background providing an alternative option to fit with your website design.  A working version is shown below:

What does it do?

The widget allows you to begin a search of JISC MediaHub. Type in your search terms, tick what format you would like the results to appear in, and hit “return”. A new tab or new window will open up with your search results shown – you can then access more detailed filtering of results. Clicking on the “advanced search” link in the widget also triggers a new window to open, taking you directly to our advanced search page.

Where Can I Use the JISC MediaHub Search Widget?

The widget can be used anywhere on the web. You will be prompted to log in from the search results page so this widget can appear on any public or internal institutional pages, virtual learning environments, library blogs, etc.

Where Can I Find the Widget’s Embed Code?

You can access the JISC MediaHub Search Widget embed code from the About page within the JISC MediaHub service here: http://jiscmediahub.ac.uk/about#widget.

How Do I Embed the Widget?

The widget uses a very compact iFrame embed code, so for most web pages you should just be able to paste this code into the HTML and it will just work.

For pages where iFrames have been disabled, we would recommend instead using a JISC MediaHub logo or text link to connect your readers with the service. Full guidelines and logos for linking to JISC MediaHub are available on the JISC MediaHub About Page.

How Can I Comment or Provide Feedback on the JISC MediaHub Search Widget?

Please either leave a comment here on the blog, email the helpdesk (edina@ed.ac.uk) or use the Contact Us page to send us your feedback.

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