Preparing for Episode 2: SUNCAT

We’re preparing to start the second Linked Data Focus sprint next week (from May 16th) – working with the developers from the SUNCAT team, who are bibliographic data specialists.

Our notepad from the first sprint has a lot of links to relevant resources – introductions to RDF, tools in different languages, and descriptions of related work around academic institutions and communications.

This presentation by Jeni Tennison from the Pelagios workshop is also worth looking at for sensible advice about taking an existing data model into a Linked Data form. Ian took this sort of approach for the Open Access Repository Junction work – working through the different objects in a relational database model, thinking about how to decorate them with common RDF elements, then creating a vocabulary for the missing pieces. Some of the same questions about publishing and structuring Linked Data should come up; and in the middle of the sprint we’ll hold another Linked Data Learn-in at EDINA.

SUNCAT should have a fair bit more in common with existing Linked Data projects – particularly the JISC-supported OpenBiblio – and we’ll try to make links between SUNCAT-listed publications and some of their metadata. If we can get as far as then linking through to pre-prints in the institutional repositories found in OARJ, then I’ll be entirely satisfied.

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