The Venus Transit – NASA Video

Well i was up in time to find the skies above Scotland giving it the full 8 Octas this morning.  So no transit viewing for me and I am unlikely to see it again given that we will have to wait another 105 years for the next transect.

If you missed it then you might be in interested in watching the truly amazing video posed on NASA’s YouTube channel.  This compresses the 7 hour transit into 39 seconds of jaw-dropping video.

Transit of Venus

From the NASA website: The Venus transit as seen in the 171 wavelength. This channel is especially good at showing coronal loops – the arcs extending off of the Sun where plasma moves along magnetic field lines. The brightest spots seen here are locations where the magnetic field near the surface is exceptionally strong.

If you don’t know why the transit of Venus is so important to the development of science then you should check out the following links: