SUNCAT Quality Improvements

We carried out a user satisfaction survey on the service between November 2012 and January 2013. A report of the results was published earlier this year, see our post from February 2013. Overall, the response was very positive with the vast majority of respondents finding SUNCAT not only easy or very easy to use (86%) but that it also saved them time (89%). Further, 97% indicated they would recommend the service to others. However, we did also ask for comments and suggestions on how SUNCAT could be improved. This information is particularly useful for us as we work on redeveloping the SUNCAT interface. We have now analysed and summarised these suggestions into in a Quality Improvement Report with tables detailing our responses and actions. They have been graded using the following formula:

  1. Done or due for release soon
  2. Do soon, requires little resource
  3. Already planned
  4. Put on to-do list, needs more effort
  5. Not achievable or beyond scope

We are pleased to report that a large number of suggestions have been graded with “1. Done or due for release soon”, as they have been incorporated into the first release of our redeveloped service – please watch out for imminent news on this!

Please contact us at if you have any other suggestions for further improvements or comments on this report.


Your Contribution to Jisc MediaHub’s Quality Improvements

Last winter some of you took the time to be part of the 2012/13 EDINA user satisfaction survey for Jisc MediaHub. We really appreciate your time and feedback and therefore wanted to share with you some of the highlights from these surveys.

In total 74 of you completed the Jisc MediaHub survey, mostly information professionals. We were really pleased to hear that most respondents found Jisc MediaHub easy-to-use, that it saves them time and that they would recommend Jisc MediaHub to others.

The survey showed that Jisc MediaHub is used by undergraduates, postgraduates and staff, including information professionals. Respondents came from a wide range of subject areas but were particularly concentrated in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:

Graph showing survey respondents by subject area

We were also pleased to see that survey respondents are using Jisc MediaHub in a variety of ways including finding teaching materials (32%), in their research (28%) and for supporting staff and students (16%).

You can find a report on this year and last year’s user satisfaction survey results on the EDINA Benefits of Services page. We did, however want to share one last area of those surveys – some of your comments about Jisc MediaHub:

“Copyright-cleared content. Very varied range of content and I like the links out to other collections” -Information Professional (various subjects)

“The generous selection of outstanding materials� - Lecturer

“Range of material and mixture of archive and contemporary resources.â€� – Information professional, (various subjects).

As part of our continuing interesting in ensuring that Jisc MediaHub meets your needs and expectations we have also examined suggestions made by you to improve our services. These suggestions are summarised in our Quality Improvement report for 2013.   For instance, you told us that you would like us to:

Improve browsing and searching options

And we are responding by developing an Advanced Search by Place.

You can access the full Quality Improvement report for 2013 along with our responses and actions from the Benefits of Service page. Please contact us at if you have any comments on these tables.

We will be asking for your help again when our next user satisfaction survey goes live later this year and we would really appreciate your participation and feedback there.

We love to hear from you at any time of the year – whether through comments here on the blog, via email, on Twitter or Facebook. Do get in touch and let us know what we are doing well, what we could be doing better or any other views on Jisc MediaHub that you’d like to share.