A quietly amplified summer

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to for the last few months as things have been rather quiet here on the blog. I thought it was time to post something brief on recent activities ahead of a longer post to come soon…

June saw the Digimap GeoForum in York and I was in full social media amplification mode liveblogging, tweeting and shooting a timelapse of the event. Read through the whole event here on the Digimap blog.

Click here to view the embedded video.

My book chapter on “Support for users within an educational or e-learning context” in the volume ”User Studies for Digital Library Development” (Editors Milena Dobreva, Andy O’Dwyer and Pierluigi Feliciati) was also published in late June. Click through to the Facet site or on Amazon to secure your copy!

There was a brief excursion to London for one of the Guardian Seminars on Social Media from Jennifer Begg – I would recommend these particularly to those who have been using social media for a while but are not yet tackling it strategically.  Jennifer even managed to introduce me to an excellent web app that I’d never heard of: Bufferapp is a fantastic webapp and Chrome plugin that enables you to queue up tweets in advance – a more reliable alternative to FutureTweets or a cheaper and more user-friendly alternative to HootSuite. In exchange I shared my adoration of If This Then That (which has recently added some really useful new channels and options around sharing “recipes” for tasks) which inspired a blogpost from Jennifer that’s well worth a read if you want to get started with IFTTT.

And so to July…

This month I have mainly been preparing, with help from my fantastic student Zack, for the Open Repositories 2012 Conference. This is an international event and this year it attracted over 460 delegates from 34 countries. I was part of the Host Organising Committee and led the amplification of the event via videoing sessions, liveblogging, tweets, photography, managing a Flickr group and a conference CrowdVine presence, use of tools like Pinterest etc. It was a fantastic experience of social media amplification at huge scale – we had over 4000 tweets to the conference hashtag during the event for instance – and I’m just now working out what to analyse further, write up, reflect upon, etc. Look out for a fuller blogpost soon. In the meantime you can explore the Open Repositories 2012 website to find all of the content created thus far.

And now? Well in addition to all the day to day EDINA social media stuff I am preparing my module on Social Media for the forthcoming MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement – there are still spaces left so do take a look at the website and consider applying for what will be a fantastic masters programme!

And finally… I have also been completing my MSc in eLearning Dissertation on CPD in Collaborative Social Media Spaces. Once submitted I will share a copy here as many of you were kind enough to complete my research questionnaire some months back.