List of outcomes of the Chalice project

We put together this long list of different things that happened during the Chalice project, for our last bi-weekly project meeting, on 28th April 2011. The final product post offers an introduction to Chalice.


These are pieces of work completed to form the project:

  • Corrected OCR for 5 EPNS volumes (*not* open licensed)
  • Quality assessment of the OCR
  • Extracted data in XML
  • Report on the text-mining and georeferencing process
  • RDF representation of extracted data, Open Database License
  • Searchable JSON API for the extracted data
  • Two prototype visualisations
  • Source code for the preceding 4 items
  • Two use case assessments
  • Supporting material for the use case assessments
  • Simple web service for alt-names for ADS
  • Sample Integration with GBHGIS data


These are less concrete but equally valuable side-effects of the project work:

  • A set of sameAs assertions for Cheshire names between geonames and Ordnance Survey 50K gazetteer to go to
  • Historic place-name data to enhance with, potentially.
  • Improvements to the Edinburgh Geoparser and the Unlock Text service
  • Pushed forward open source release of the Geoparser
  • Refactoring of the Unlock Places service
  • Discussions and potential alignment with other projects (SPQR, Pleiades, GBHGIS)
  • Discussions with other place-name surveys (SPNS – Wales?)

Talks / Dissemination