Environment Digimap: User Feedback Survey

Environment Digimap has been in service for around 4 months now and already has 63 subscribing institutions, over 6000 active users and has made over 35,000 screen maps.

Environment Roam

SurveyWe’d really like to know what you think of the newest Digimap Collection and what you want to see added or improved. Once you have used the service then please go to the following web page and fill in the short survey, it will take less than 10 minutes and will help the future development of Environment Digimap:


If your institution doesn’t subscribe to Environment Digimap yet you still have 4 months where the service is completely free. The following blog post has information on how to subscribe:

Environment Digimap Launched: Free till July 2014

For information on how previous Digimap surveys have affected the survey please have a look at the Quality Improvement reports on EDINA’s Benefits of Services page:

Benefits of Services

If you have any general feedback about any of the services then please email us: edina@ed.ac.uk


Digimap is 13 Today!

Digimap has become a teenager today, 10th January 2013. There have been some big changes to the service over the years, with interfaces coming and going and Ordnance Survey maps being joined by Historic (2005), Geology (2007), Marine (2009) and soon Environment (2013).

How Carto has changed since 2000

How Digimap Carto has changed since the service launched on the 10th of January 2000.

We’d really like to thank all our site reps and other institutional staff who have supported and promoted the service over the last 13 years.

Remember you can have your say about any of the Digimap Collections in the Impact Surveys available in the service and listed below.  Please fill one in to let us know how we are doing and help us improve the service for the future:


EDINA Geoservices Impact Surveys 2012-13

SurveyEvery year EDINA conducts a survey of its users to make sure that its services are meeting expectations and to find out what we should be doing to develop them further.

These surveys are very useful and have helped us prioritise the development of Digimap and our other geoservices.  This year we redeveloped the Data Download facility and have begun the replacement of Carto because you told us they were areas you’d like to see improved.  Other upcoming work prioritised by the surveys includes better print interfaces across all services and printable legends for Geology Roam.

As you can see it is beneficial for you to take part, so we’d really like you to let us know how we are doing. Please fill in a survey for each of the services you use; they can be found here:

To see the reports generated from previous years’ surveys please go here:

User Satisfaction Survey Results

Thank you very much for taking the time to help us.


Digimap Carto: We need your help!

Digimap Carto has been making maps for nearly 13 years now, though it last received a major facelift in 2006. Although it is still well used the underlying technology is no longer a viable platform to develop on. It has simply become too difficult to maintain in today’s environment of almost monthly changes to web browsers and the Java Runtime  Environment.

How Carto has changed since 1998

Carto through the ages. All maps ©Crown Copyright

Thankfully these advances in browser technology, and our underlying GIS and web mapping software, mean that we can now provide a Carto like service without the Java applet. In 2013 we will be launching a replacement for Carto that will run directly in an up-to-date web browser and still include advanced functionality. Until the new interface is launched we will keep Carto running, please go here if you are having trouble getting it to work: Carto Notes

With work starting on the new advanced mapping application we would really like to know which functions you value most in Carto. We’d also like to hear your ideas for any new features you would like to see available. We can’t promise to include everything, but knowing what you want helps us to make informed decisions.

Please send your thoughts to: edina@ed.ac.uk