Jisc Publications Router: Out of the box



The Jisc Publications Router is a new service designed to reduce the number of connections needed between data suppliers and data receivers to populate institutional repositories. The Router builds on work carried out by EDINA as part of the Repository Junction Broker project.

The Publications Router is a web based middleware tool that accepts data objects like research papers and parses the metadata to determine the appropriate repository or repositories before transferring the original data to them. The router is intended to minimise the efforts on behalf of potential depositors and maximise the distribution and exposure of research outputs. The Publications Router also provides full text objects for repositories.

The landscape of research publishing has changed post-2014 REF. In light of new open access requirements the Publications Router provides a convenient, reliable and timely method of ingesting research data into institutional repositories. The Router captures data from the publisher as the source of truth; registered repositories are then notified of new content from authors at their institution which is automatically delivered to the repository. Repositories can edit the metadata, taking into consideration any local standards or linking to local systems before publishing the data.

It is possible to view content already held in the Router using the institutional or target repository browse features. You can sign up to receive notifications of outputs for any number of repositories using the postcard notification system or download OA content of your choice using the provided APIs.

As the service develops we hope to work with more publishers and institutional repositories to support open access and assist in compliance with funders’ mandates.