#OutdoorClassroomDay 23rd May

#Outdoorclassroom day is on the 23rd of May this year. It comes at a particularly apt time as we see the huge positive wave of young people getting involved in activism to highlight the environmental crisis our world is in.

Digimap for Schools is a fantastic resource for planning and delivering these outdoor classrooms. Our maps can be used to create risk assessments and plan activity locations for the day. It can also be used to show the changes that have happened in you schools location over the past 130 years using our historical maps. The aerial imagery can be used with Ordnance Survey maps to give pupils a sense of place and explore their local area and environment.

We also provide lots of free resources to assist and guide your day. These outdoor education resources are available here: https://bit.ly/2DI0zcA

This resource (above) for example is great for getting pupils to do some biological monitoring and understanding the importance of the species in our environment.  This resource was developed for the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence but is also perfect for any KS2 activities in England and Wales.

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