The Cariniana Network joins the Keepers Registry

We are very pleased to welcome the Cariniana Network as the latest archiving organisation to join the Keepers Registry.

The Cariniana Network is a national distributed preservation network, funded by the Brazilian government, which provides long term preservation and access for Brazil’s open access scientific publications.   Its parent organisation is the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT), which was originally established by the Brazilian government in the 1950s, and plays a key role in promoting effective production, management and dissemination of information.

As the Keepers Registry’s twelfth Keeper, the Cariniana Network significantly extends the reach of the Keepers Registry, in particular greatly increasing the number of non-English language titles which the Keepers Registry is able to report on.

For more information about the Cariniana Network’s approach to archiving and contribution to the Keepers Registry see the Archiving Agencies section of the Keepers Registry.  Find out more about the Cariniana Network and IBICT on their website:


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