[Keepers Extra] Next Steps for the Keepers Extra Project

The Keepers Extra project is entering a new and very active phase, following the exchange of knowledge and ideas at our September workshop.  Drawing on the feedback from participants, among them representatives of the keeper agencies and related initiatives, we have defined a set of activities for the next six months. The key outputs we are working towards are as follows:

  • Introduction of an effective governance model for the Keepers Registry service.
  • Delivery of improved service features and functionality by working to enhance and standardize the data ingested from Keepers, standardize modes of transport, and assess stakeholder needs to propose functionality that meets the needs of the service user community.
  • Production of an International Action Agenda, as shared strategy, that outlines a mechanism for future collaboration between archiving agencies, a list of viable activities for the collaborating agencies to tackle, and an appraisal of the metrics that can be used to test progress in those activities.

Our plans and the steps we envisage taking to achieve these outcomes are outlined in  the full Next Steps document.

Feedback on the project and our plans is welcome. Please email at edina@ed.ac.uk with comments or suggestions.


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