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The Publications Router team are delighted to welcome eLife as the first publisher to provide content for distribution via the Router.

The UK’s Research Excellence Framework Policy for Open Access requires that authors’ final peer-reviewed manuscripts must be deposited in an institutional or subject repository within three months of acceptance for publication. The policy applies to research outputs (such as journal articles and conference proceedings) accepted for publication after 1 April 2016.

As an open-access publisher that makes articles immediately available online, eLife complies with this requirement by delivering all content at the point of final publication to PubMed Central (PMC) and, via PMC, Europe PMC. However, to ease compliance for individual UK institutions with the REF policy, eLife is going a step further and linking up with the Jisc Publications Router.

In response to joining Melissa Harrison, eLife’s Head of production, stated:

The process to set up and supply our archive of content through the Jisc Publications Router was simple and involved minimal time and effort. We would be happy to support other publishers and institutions as they seek to become part of this important initiative. We’re pleased to support the Jisc Publications Router as an important step in facilitating compliance with the UK open-access policy, in particular, and in extending the infrastructure for open access in general.

For eLife, the Publications Router helps to:

  • Push content to further end points
  • Help content reach institutional repositories as soon as it is published in final format, faster than it’s available elsewhere, aside from the eLife site
  • Make available all formats of the content, including final typeset PDF, all figures, videos and supplementary files, and JATS XML
  • Support institutional compliance with the REF policy through just one relationship

To discuss eLife’s experience with the Router, email eLife’s Head of production, Melissa Harrison m.harrison@elifesciences.org.

For more information about the Jisc Publications Router  contact the EDINA Helpdesk at Edina@ed.ac.uk.

See also: eLife supports the Jisc Publication Router on eLife news.


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