2020 schools and rising!

Over the weekend the number of schools subscribing to Digimap for Schools broke the 2000 barrier! This jump in subscriptions is a result of all primaries in West Lancashire taking out a subscription. Interestingly it’s not Geography that is the driver behind this whole of authority sign up, rather it’s for school sport and in particular, orienteering, where interest has come about. School sport in West Lancashire is delivered by the West Lancashire School Sport Partnership. Their Partnership Development Manager, Mark Forster, says ‘I manage PE and School Sport across a cluster of primary schools and plan to deliver a programme of Orienteering to the schools. One of the barriers to this is the absence of a high quality orienteering map for each school. Digimap for Schools would not only support us to develop orienteering maps but I have been impressed by the other potential cross curricular opportunities it can provide schools’. Mark has offered to undertake a case study of the impact the service has in West Lancashire primary schools.  We are thrilled to have these new primaries join us and look forward to working with Mark and sharing the case study with you.

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Anne is service manager for Digimap for Schools, Digimap for Colleges and GoGeo. Having a degree in Geography and an MSc in GIS means naturally she adores looking at maps. But Anne firmly believes Digimap for Schools can be of use across many parts of the curriculum and finds the addition of historical maps particularly exciting! Anne is looking forward to ensuring Digimap for Colleges is a great success in the FE sector also. Having worked in the wider GI industry before joining EDINA she understands the valuable role geoportals like GoGeo can play in the discovery and reuse of geospatial data.

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