Higher Resolution Videos on Jisc MediaHub

We are pleased to announce that enhanced video is  now available for many of the subscription collections in Jisc MediaHub. These include over 23,000 videos from AP Archive, Getty (moving images),  IET.tv, ITV News and a subset of Wellcome Library videos. There are a further 37,100  videos from content originally delivered via NewsFilm Online.

The video was originally delivered at a resolution based on a specification created for the earlier Film and Sound Online and NewsFilm Online services, which then became collections within Jisc MediaHub. By transcoding these videos, using the high resolution files created during the digitisation process, into formats suitable for the web, EDINA can now deliver in enhanced definition, showcasing the high-quality media available from Jisc eCollections.

When will this enhanced video be included in Jisc MediaHub?

Transcoding at 480p is complete for AP Archive, Getty (moving images), IET.tv and ITV News and these are now available.

Transcoding of the NewsFilm Online videos is now complete and the Wellcome Library videos will be made available later on in the year.

What changes will I notice when I use Jisc MediaHub?

Where video has been enhanced you will notice the video on the full record page will appear larger and clearer. This is due to a 178% increase in image area of each video which will be transmitted at a bit rate of 2Mb/s.

Examples & Demonstrations

Below you will find screenshots and examples demonstrating the benefits of the video enhancement process.

Larger video player

These two screenshots show the larger video player that now appears on the record page for an enhanced video.

before enhancement

before enhancement

after enhancement

after enhancement

For the following examples move the slider on the widgets to compare how these materials looked before and after the enhancement process:

Fewer compression artifacts


A sharper image


Increased detail



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