What have you been doing with Jisc MediaHub?

We would love to know how you have been using resources from Jisc MediaHub for your learning, teaching or research activities.

What have you been doing with Jisc MediaHub resources?
Graphic artists talking: Getty (moving images) 29-10-2008

Have you selected any favourite Jisc MediaHub film clips, images or sound files to incorporate into your work? If so, please let us know what you have been doing with them.

You can also include your own resources too,  by uploading them to Jisc MediaHub via our new User Upload facility.

Help to inspire others by telling us about your great ideas and we will put them on our website. It doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact the simplest ideas often work the best.

Get Creative!
London Outdoor Office: Getty (still images) 03-07-2008

Why not let loose your creative streak and share your story with everyone. Tell us all about how you have used JISC MediaHub resources by completing our short template which you can access here, or fill in below:

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