Using Digimap for Schools to map historic events

Digimap for Schools recently attended the Education Scotland Primary History 2014 Commemorations.  We presented primary school teachers with some ideas on resources they could use to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WWI and the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn.

We demonstrated how Digimap for Schools can be used to recount the story of an historic event. The historic event described was the sinking of HMS Iolaire near Stornoway on the 1st January 1919 with the loss of 205 local men returning from WWI, one of the worst maritime disasters in UK waters during the 20th century.

The example below uses Digimap for Schools to map a timeline of the tragic events on the night of the sinking of HMS Iolaire.


The functionality within Digimap for Schools also enables users to add contextual imaging and information to help tell the story.  Below is a map highlighting some key statistics and facts relating to the tragic sinking.


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