Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Horse!

Today we are celebrating the Chinese New Year, with 2014 being the Year of the Horse. The SUNCAT team wishes you all a great year ahead. Take a look at some of the Chinese and horse-themed weird and wonderful titles found in SUNCAT.

  • Chinese seed.
  • The Taipei Chinese pen.
  • Chinese snuff-bottles.
  • The Chinese cooperator.
  • The Chinese Love Pavilion.
  • Welsh Chinese news.
  • Chinese impressive manners.
  • We Chinese in America.
  • Chinese Markets for Fatty Alcohol.
  • Captain Piddings Chinese Olio and Tea Talk.
  • Emergency horse.
  • Horse feathers.
  • Horse laffs.
  • Crazy horse.
  • Spotted horse.
  • All horse.
  • Horse tales.
  • Horse & rider magazine’s Horse action.
  • Heavy horse world.
  • Crazy Horse spirit.
  • Horse collar makers’ journal.
  • Poor old tired horse.
  • Horse power Ireland.
  • The scoop : walking horse paper.
  • Voice of the Tennessee walking horse.
  • Horse, of course! For people who like horses.
  • Broad grins, or, Fun for the new year.
  • Wok talk.
  • Flavor & fortune.
  • Guo shi tong xun = Chinese chef news.
  • Finding Chinese food in Los Angeles : a guide to Chinese regional cuisines.

For more Chinese New Year-themed serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT.

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