Punchbowl Valley, Devil’s Chimney, Mousehole & Trap – Lundy place names

One of the most fun things about exploring maps, is the interesting and unusual place names you see printed on them.  This morning, while I was testing out one of the new enhancements coming soon in Digimap for Schools, I happened upon Lundy.  I’ve heard of Lundy but must confess to not knowing much about the island.

Panning around the 1:50,000 scale raster, 1:25,000 scale raster and VectorMap Local maps reveals an array of weird on wonderful place names that can tell you a great deal about the island – or make you wonder how some place names possibly came to be so called!

Some of my favourites are: Hen & Chickens, Frenchman’s Landing, Punchbowl Valley, Devil’s Slide, Mousehole & Trap and Goat Island.

Great Britain is full of such place names, what are some of your favourites?


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