Discover who else is using Digimap for Schools!

Have you ever found yourself contemplating ‘Who else is using Digimap for Schools?’  ’Are there schools in my area using it with whom I might share and expand my local ideas?’  ’How can I prove to my head of department it really is worth the expenditure?’

Now you can see for yourself the growing number of schools around Great Britain using Digimap for Schools by visiting our new Discover Our Community page.  This dynamic page shows the geographic spread of our user base.  From the far north Shetland Isles to the southern tip of Cornwall schools are using Digimap for Schools.  You can search the map by place name or postcode and filter by country and school type.  You can also click on school names to navigate to the locality of our most recently subscribed new and returning schools.

Have a look around, it’s great to discover likeminded schools and if your colleagues at a neighbouring school aren’t yet using the service, point them to this page and encourage them to consider joining our growing community!

Find out who else is using Digimap for Schools!




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