Two new Keepers report e-journal archiving

The Keepers Registry is pleased to announce two new Keepers of e-journal content joining the global Registry of archiving organisations – those who have stepped forward to act as digital shelving for the world’s researchers and students. These are the Ontario Scholars Portal (Canada) and the Archaeology Data Service (UK).  They join seven other Keepers of e-content, based throughout the world: research literature is international: no one country can be self-sufficient.

Developed and delivered by EDINA and the ISSN-International Centre, the Keepers Registry, online at, is funded by Jisc.

Holdings information from the Archaeology Data Service is now being reported into the Keepers Registry, and reporting from the Scholars Portal is expected to begin in July.

The Archaeology Data Service (ADS) is a digital archive that supports research, learning and teaching with freely available, high quality and dependable digital resources. Since 1996 the ADS has provided long-term archiving for multiple forms of data currently comprising around a million individual items generated from archaeological research around the world. ADS holdings include archive and dissemination versions of a number of archaeological journals. Following internationally recognised best practice in the field of digital archiving, the ADS has developed robust, scalable and reliable internal systems and external partnerships that ensure deposited data is both safe in the long run and permanently available to interested users both within academia and beyond. Learn more at

The Ontario Scholars Portal is a shared IT service provider that preserves and provides access to information resources collected and used by the 21 university library systems in the Ontario Council of University Libraries. Scholarly material licensed by OCUL schools is locally loaded on the journals platform, which provides perpetual access to the content (both locally and on vendor platforms), and holds it in an OAIS-compliant preservation infrastructure.  Learn more at

Co-Directors Peter Burnhill (EDINA) and Françoise Pelle (ISSN-IC) said, “We are very pleased to welcome both the Archaeology Data Service and Scholars Portal as Keepers. They join seven other leading archiving organisations to help the library community globally.�

The Keepers Registry providing a single point of access to archiving agency metadata that enables library staff to discover which e-journals are being actively archived and which are still at risk. It is also possible to establish which publishers are engaging the archiving agencies, and to have a summary of the preservation approach and access conditions.

A total of nine organizations have now registered as ‘Keepers’, including the British Library, CLOCKSS Archive, e-Depot at the Dutch national library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek), HathiTrust, the Global LOCKSS Network, Portico, and the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences.  Further organizations from the USA are preparing to join.



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