2nd STARS joint venture meeting at EDINA

The second meeting for the U of St Andrews/RepNet/SDLC (STARS) inititive was held last week at EDINA. The STARS joint venture aims to enhance the U of St Andrews’s institutional research information management systems (PURE CRIS + Research@StAndrews:Full Text Institutional Repository) following the RepNet worklines for improving IR functionality in order to allow them to play a key role in Open Access tracking and reporting tasks at HEIs. These worklines include IRUS-UK implementation, SWORD endpoint implementation and RJ Broker testingRIOXX early adoption, OpenAIRE compliance, testing mechanisms for monitoring mandate compliance and eventually ORCID implementation.

The first STARS joint venture meeting was held at the U of St Andrews Library on Feb 14th and the initiative will run until Jul 31st, which is the nominal RepNet end-date in its current project stage.

As part of the joint venture tasks, the Research@StAndrews:Full Text IR has already started collecting its COUNTER-compliant usage stats after becoming IRUS compliant via the Scottish Digital Library Consortium (SDLC).


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