Weird and wonderful poetry titles – second instalment

April is National Poetry Month. To mark this occasion we have searched SUNCAT for weird and wonderful poetry titles. Hope you enjoyed the first instalment. Here is this second!

  • My favorite bullet.
  • The paper nautilus.
  • PigeonBike.
  • Ploplop.
  • The poetry of surrender : by SubVerse writers.       
  • Poor old tired horse.
  • The Records of love: or, Weekly amusements for the fair sex.
  • Runnin’ on empty.
  • School : from two sides of the desk.
  • Slow dancer.
  • Snow monkey.
  • Spectacular diseases.
  • Unmuzzled ox.
  • Veer off.
  • A wigman to wind the sun up.
  • Brown sweater free poems.
  • The female preceptor : containing essays, chiefly on the
    duties of the female sex; with a variety of useful and polite literature,
    poems, &c. :embellished with several beautiful engravings / conducted by a
  • The good child’s reward: : containing a series of poems and
    essays, on natural, moral, and religious subjects. To which is prefixed, An
    affectionate address on the duties and obligations they owe to God and their
    parents. / By Henry Sharpe Horsley. Illustrated by upwards of one hundred
  • Kamikaze sheep : an anthology of poems and short stories.
  • Litter : more poems from The Pig Press.
  • Out from beneath the boot : poems.
  • Brittle star.
  • Crazy horse.
  • Deliberately thirsty.
  • Fine madness.
  • Hot gun!
  • A love gift for …
  • Moodswing. (“A pocket broadsheet from the ’Grim’ North
    delivering the goods whatever the emotional weather.”)

For more poetry titles and  other weird and wonderful serials take a look in SUNCAT.

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