Day Two of Will’s World Online Hack

The Will’s World Online Hack has now been going for over 24 hours. While most traditional hacks would be over by now. Will’s World just started! And we are very pleased to see that the conversation is starting to flow and connections are being made.

We held our daily session on Google+ Hangout which was streamed live on YouTube and recorded. The  videos for all sessions are made available on our YouTube channel and Google+ page, so feel free to catch up on any session you may have missed.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Today’session brought a few questions about the Registry:

  • How do you find the relevance of records in the Registry? It is not always obvious why some records are returned as results for a specific search.
  • There is currently no faceted search available for the Registry which would help with the exploration of the content and getting a feel for the data. This might help with undertanding the relevance of some records.
  • The service directory is not yet on to the Registry website.

The Registry is still under construction and we are looking into improving these. In addition, not all data available has been loaded in the Registry.  We are hoping to address this within the next day (or two).


Although, some participant have reported that it was not obvious how to join a Google+ Hangout. We are delighted to see that communication betwen participants, and between participants and the project team, has started to happen on Twitter @WillsWorldHack #willhack and IRC. These conversations yielded some useful questions about the data which have been added to FAQs on the wiki at:

  • Track discussion around the Will’s World Hack with our #willhack Storify gathering tweets, videos, etc.

Two days, Two project ideas

We are delighted to have two ideas for project already listed on the Current Hacks page and hoping for more to be listed there in the coming days.

One of our hacker, Owen Stephens, has also blogged about his progress to date in this “To scrape or not to scrape” post about creating a queriable/api form of perfomance cast lists using scraper wiki for the thing he has built.


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