Day One of the Will’s World Hack

In readiness for the beginning of the Will’s World Hack we were delighted to launch the Will’s World Registry this morning. The Registry, the development of which we have been charting on this blog, includes the metadata from our fantastic project partners, information on the schema and mappings, and related resources including XML versions of all of Shakespeare’s plays. During the hack we will be continuing to finesse the Registry and we’d really welcome your comments and feedback on the version we have launched today.

Then, this afternoon (at 1pm GMT) saw the launch of the Will’s World Hack (#willhack) via a live Google+ chat streaming to YouTube!

We introduced ourselves and the Will’s World project as well as saying a bit about what we hope may come out of the hack (Will’s World Hack Event Presentation).  It was brilliant to have four of our twenty or so registered hack participants joining us for this live portion of the event and we hope many more of you will be dropping into live sessions later in the week or able to catch up on YouTube. Today’s launch session can be viewed here:

We also had a check in session this afternoon and we got to hear about the first hack taking place: turning the Shakespeare plays we made available as XML for the hack into a Linked Data database for use in others hacks. Richard, who is working on this, would appreciate any pointers to existing ontologies for Shakespeare plays (or plays in general) so, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment here or email the team. You can also find out more about that on our Current Hacks page on the Will’s World Hack Wiki – and you can add details of your own ideas, hacks and hack teams to the page while you’re there!

We plan to post a summary of the Hack each day so keep an eye here on the blog for updates all week of the Will’s World Hack. You can also join the conversation on Twitter with the #willhack hashtag.

And finally…


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