Measurements in Miles vs KM – help us decide!

Ever since the popular measurement tools for measuring distances and areas were introduced to Digimap for Schools, we have received feedback from teachers requesting the ability to measure distances in miles as well as metres/kilometres.  Ordnance Survey ran a workshop for teachers last week, and again this request was made which got us thinking….

This is something we can easily add to Digimap for Schools, however it sparked a fierce debate in our office about whether we should be adding the ability to measure in Imperial units or to stick with Metric units only.  So we thought we would open it out to you, our users and interested observers, to gain your opinions.

Should we support the fact that we commonly talk about distances in miles, while the digital maps available in Digimap for Schools are measured in metres, by adding an imperial measurements option?

Do you teach your students using imperial and metric units?  Would you rather only use metric, or is there a need to use imperial units as well?

We are really keen to hear your views, as we can’t decide!

Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Measurement tools – miles option?



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