(Serial) match of the day – part 4

Here is the fourth in the series of weird and wonderful football titles. Match the football club with the fanzine! All the answers can be found by searching SUNCAT.
  • Faithful through and through.
  • O bluebird of happiness.
  • Well red.
  • Waiting for the great leap forward.
  • A lot 2 answer 4.
  • Le de’ja-vu.
  • Always look on the bright side.
  • Where’s the vaseline?
  • Mad as a hatter!
  • Cockney rebel.
  • The Derry rumba.
  • No idle talk.
  • Revenge of the killer penguin II.
  • FOULmouth.
  • Hey big spender.
  • City down under.
  • Loadsamoney.
  • 38 hours from Vilnius.
  • War of the monster trucks.
  • Mr. Bismarck’s electric pickelhaube.
Football clubs:

Derby County; Swansea City; Heart of Midlothian; Barry Town;
Meadowbank Thistle;  Celtic; Manchester
City; Chelsea; Charlton Athletic; Oxford United; Motherwell; Sheffield
Wednesday; Billericay Town; Mansfield Town; Blackburn Rovers; Dundee; Bath
City;  Luton Town; Liverpool; Cardiff
Just as an aside, which of the football teams mentioned abovre re-located and changed its name to ‘Livingston F.C.’, and what year did this happen? 
For more football serials and other weird and wonderful titles take a look in SUNCAT. Watch out for the next instalment of the SUNCAT football blog posts.

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