OR2012 on YouTube

We’ve had some time to sort our videos out and get things organised. You may have already found our YouTube channel, but here’s a handful of useful links to get you browsing through what was said and done inside each session.

First, an apology. The recording for one of Tuesday’s talks, Research Data Management and Infrastructure (or P1A), didn’t end up working. Our AV team is still trying to salvage it, but for now we’re going to say there won’t be a video for that session. Fortunately, we’ve got a liveblog of P1A up, so you can refresh your memory on the subject or see what went on behind closed doors there. Also, session P3A on the same topic does have a video, which is embedded below.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Now on to the good stuff. We’re putting together playlists for each day of talks and for the Pecha Kucha sessions. We’ve also posted a bunch of new individual Pecha Kucha videos for your convenience. Check out the second RepoFringe Pecha Kucha session (RF5) below. If you just want to see the winner, Norman Grey’s first up.

Click here to view the embedded video.

At 65 uploaded videos and almost 2000 views so far, we think there’s something for pretty much all Open Repositories folk to enjoy!

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