Understanding the Status of Titles

This post is intended to clarify the different classifications you might see for titles in your box, or titles which have been committed to the LOCKSS network.

Available, Configured & Collected

When you use the Title List feature in your LOCKSS box to report on its holdings, there are 3 options available to you that affect the scope of the report:

  • Available will include all titles available in the LOCKSS network. This is all the content LOCKSS users can select from.
  • Configured will report the titles that you have configured for collection on your institution‚Äôs machine using Add Titles.
  • Collected will report on the titles that have successfully collected on your machine.

Note that each scope is a subset of the previous one.

Committed Titles

The LOCKSS website provides a spreadsheet listing the publishers who have committed to providing their content in the LOCKSS network. This is available on the page at http://www.lockss.org/community/publishers-titles-gln and is regularly updated.

Note that content that has been committed is not instantly available in the LOCKSS network. It must be scheduled to go through a preparation and testing process that includes (a) writing a plugin which knows how to collect the content (b) testing that plugin to make sure the content collects properly. At this point the content is released to the network – the regular emails detailing new releases are the end result of this process which is perpetually being undertaken by a team of content testers in Stanford.

The spreadsheet is made by combining committed publisher data with a KBART report on Available titles from the Title List. It lists each title with the fields Publisher, Title, ISSN, eISSN, and the following fields indicate the status of each title:

  • Preserved Volumes lists the volumes that are preserved in the LOCKSS network
  • Preserved Years lists the years that are¬†preserved in the LOCKSS network
  • In Progress Volumes lists the volumes that are committed but have not yet cleared the testing process
  • In Progress Years lists the years that are committed but have not yet cleared the testing process

Years and volumes are listed as one or more ranges separated by semi-colons. In some cases the data are not available for one reason or another. The fact that data are missing does not necessarily indicate that the title is not released.

We hope this outline of title statuses will aid institutions in making appropriate use of the reports and data available from LOCKSS boxes and the lockss.org website. Please direct any questions to edina@ed.ac.uk.


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