UKLA Members’ Meeting: Presentations now available

A UK LOCKSS Alliance Members’ Meeting was held on the 24th May 2012, at the National Railway Museum in York.  The event was intended to provide current members with an update of recent activities, a forum to share information between member institutions, and an opportunity to discuss and plan activity for the period from now until 2013.

The full agenda and presentations are available online at:

A number of key activities were discussed:

  • A service review of the UK LOCKSS Alliance was undertaken in September 2011 and has provided EDINA with clear strategic direction for communication and development activity.
  • A regular news roundup has been established, published on a six-week cycle.  The roundup contains contributions from the development and support teams at EDINA and Stanford, and member contributions from the UK and international communities.
  • The review highlighted the need for enhancements to the user interface. After discussion with Stanford University, EDINA has taken on a project management role for these and has produced a set of requirements and drafted a design proposal.  The document has been distributed to the membership for comment and implementation will begin shortly.
  • Functionality to integrate LOCKSS with link resolver systems has recently been released.  This has been a key requirement for current and prospective members, and will be a useful promotional tool both for recruitment of members and for development of institutional support.

Update 4th June 2012: A summary report from the event is now available.


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