Introducing the UKLA Personas

At last week’s Members’ Meeting we introduced a set of personas to describe the background, aims and roles of staff working with the LOCKSS system.  Personas are “descriptions of typical users along with stories about how they would use the product to meet their goals.”  The personas we have established will inform our user interface development work.  By developing an understanding of staff roles we can make sure the planned developments satisfy those roles.

We’re now making available the set of draft personas for further input and comment.

These personas also have wider application for the UK LOCKSS Alliance community.  They will be useful for prospective members planning their participation in the LOCKSS initiative and deciding how to assign LOCKSS-related work, and they will help us ensure we target support documentation at the appropriate level.

We wish to ensure that the characteristics of current institutional deployments of LOCKSS are reflected in the personas.  If you feel we are missing tasks and goals that apply at your institution,  we would be grateful if you could share these by commenting on this blog post or emailing


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