Keepers Registry meets the Keepers at DPC Workshop on Trust and E-journals

On 31st January 2012, the Digital Preservation Coalition held a workshop to discuss the take-up, acceptance and community trust of e-journal preservation initiatives.  Peter Burnhill delivered a presentation discussing the role of the Keepers Registry to report progress made by archiving agencies.

The following day, as part of a meeting convened by JISC, colleagues from ISSN International Centre and EDINA who have been working together in the PEPRS Project to create the Keepers Registry met with representatives from four of the registered “Keepers”: CLOCKSS Archive, KB e-Depot, Global LOCKSS Network and Portico.  The purpose was two-fold. For the project staff this was the first opportunity for collective review of progress and shared thoughts about how the “Keepers” might use and benefit from the registry service. For the JISC Programme Manager, Neil Grindley, this was occasion to affirm the interest JISC had in providing continuing support both for the Keepers Registry as an emergent service and for collaboration in tackling the variety of R&D challenges.


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