Questions to answer

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Questions, by Valerie Everett on flickr. (CC-BY-SA)


  1. What software should be used/considered for the Data Asset Registry? (Would an instance of CKAN be suitable? It is the software used for open data catalogues such as
  2. What vocabularies should be used? Which ontologies are suitable for our purposes and would we have to create any of our own?
  3. Which metadata fields are sufficient and necessary for a University DAR?
  4. How can we support and get mileage from an effort to set up a domain and set of university open linked data corporate datasets?
  5. What are other universities doing?
  6. How can we seed the repository using the DSpace data repository records?
  7. How can we leverage other information systems – from ERI and Publications Database – to help populate records? Can data management plans be leveraged?
  8. What incentives are there for researchers or school administrators to provide records?
  9. What incentives or drivers do the new University research data policy or the EU INSPIRE directive supply?
  10. How should we handle persistent identifiers for dataset records and datasets?

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