Creating Turtle and RDF the easy way

One of the great things about Turtle format is that it is dead easy to write (see the blog post below on how easy it was.)

One of the great things about RDF format is that it is a well known format, rooted in XML, and very easily parsed….. but not fun to create.

What is needed is an easy way to create RDF from Turtle… and there is –

(I’m a Perl-man, so my example code is in Perl – YMMV)

  use File::Slurp;
  use LWP::UserAgent;
  use HTTP::Request;

  ## create turtle text as before, in $t

  # Write the file into web-server space
  write_file("$datadir/$turtle_filename", $t);
  print "turtle written\n";

  # ping the whole thing off to to transform into RDF
  my $ua  = LWP::UserAgent->new();
  my $query = "$host/$path/$filename";
  my $res = $ua->get($query);
  my $content = "";
  if ($res->is_success) {
    $content = $res->content;
    write_file("$datadir/$rdf_filename", $content);
    print "rdf written\n";
  } ## end if ($res->is_success)
  else { print $res->status_line; }

Et voila!

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